Tuesday, 20 January 2015

2015's January is almost to an End

I wonder how time slides as an eagle glides within no time. Today is January 30, and I feel it has been a split second. Maybe I was to busy to count every day of this month.

I happy that I could make first impression of 2015 a fruitful one for I know what I did. It's very true that happiness often originates from our past unless we play our present zealously for present will become past timely. Do your present and you have done your past. After all time is same to name. We just divide them into our own divisions.

And my exams are coming near. I got to study well for it for I yearn to get my expected marks. Simultaneously, been left few months to leave for home. I really miss my beloved mom and dad. Before that I got to study well.

I wish a huge goodbye to my January 2015, I know you will never be back again but remember I shall remember that you was one of my great months of year of my life. Wish me good luck as I head ahead to swim in the limitless sea of my upcoming uncertain life.

God bless me and all.