Friday, 31 October 2014

Quite Unusual Day

Unlike other days where I am always enclosed within four walls, today was different, I felt as if I was refreshing myself after long time back. I went with a thought to buy some my-type of books for I have been always yearning for them but I landed up shopping just a couple of things since I didn't find my books. Indeed I enjoyed my day.

I just bought sweatshirt and gave it for alteration. It took almost half an hour, so I had to do just as window shopping for I didn't like to buy anything. Some times, it made me to think about my future when I saw clothes designed for babies (lol).

Unlike others I am a tough guy, with limited desires. Sometimes, I find very difficult to do shopping also, cause, I would land up buying nothing at the end. I would prefer someone to buy for me instead of buying myself. In near future, I will have to solely depend upon my caring and loving wife for my as well as my kids' shopping. Hope she does it.

On the way, as usual as I meet those street people, as usual as my heart hurts and today too, it didn't fail to sadden me when I saw couple of them, I could not do anything apart from offering few bucks at my level with the prayers, "God bless you." I know I cannot do great things in my life but I can surely do small things in greater ways. I believe in helping others and that's my purpose of life.

God bless one and all.