Monday, 1 September 2014

He made me to wonder

Monday is a very special day for me as we have full classes with major subjects and you know if I miss it, I will be missing the major portion of my study. With much ardor, I went to the college, welcoming a new week and a month, September.

We had full classes and in between the gaps, to fill our boredom, I couldn't stop myself from joking with my friend as one of my hobbies is to joke. But this time, my joke got reflected with a message which made me to wonder and ponder. He came late for the class and I just asked him the reason. I was happy that he told me he stay very far away from the college, which made to ask him why he doesn't stay nearby.

The answer was, because he lives with his parents. I joked with him that whether he was going to stay with his parents forever even after his marriage. But, the answer was strange, he told me that, he will be staying with them till his marriage and when he gets time now it is better to stay with them, after all we would never get such time to be with them.

Hmm. Now I was wondering. Now I am twenty one. And just asked myself what percentage of my life have I spent with my dear beloved parents? I felt little melancholy to calculate and know the result because it was nearly half the percentage. And I know that from now on wards I won't get full time to stay with them. Besides, this uncertainty haunts. He was right and thanks to him.

Dear friends, be thoughtful and try giving yourself more to your parents when you get time, you know it won't be the same in near future. Stay with them, help them, have fun and making your togetherness awesome one. So that you won't regret later. And I too join you in giving my time to my dear beloved parents.