Thursday, 26 January 2017

A Turn in my Life

Been exactly a year that I didn't update my diary.

One year away from now I've been a student studying for my future and wondering about my future job and scope in my country. And now exactly after a year, I can happily say that I have started to journey yet another phase of my life. I'm in job. I have started to work as a Geologist in Druk Green Power Corporation and seriously it has been a challenging one for a fresher like me.

I'm having good and challenging time learning the real gist of being a Geologist, indeed Engineering Geologist. And glad that I have meet experienced, knowledgeable and such a nice boss from where I can many things in many ways. So curious to learn for the times to come. And I have already started to learn.

There's good reason why I withdrew from RCSC job offer in government and I feel I have made a good decision. It's almost 5:00 PM, got to go home now. See you next time when I see you.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Back Home from Trip

Been for four days we left for Geology Field Trip away from home and yesterday only reached home. It has been a bittersweet experiences for me. Besides, gained experiences which is the most of being a Geologist.

Sleepless night we journeyed. And my eyes were almost dying out of sleep. Hungry stomach cried for the food in time. The heat during day. The cold during night. Experienced a least of everything everyday. Visited cave, mines and geological formations. Met people all around.

Travelling was fun to travel the road that resembled my country's road: turns and a mountainous road. In some way I felt homely.

Over and above thank you almighty god for bring us safe and sound back at home.

Monday, 4 January 2016




Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Last Math Class: Only I and Teacher

Today was last math class and only me, I was there to attain. This is second first time to be only myself and a teacher in my life. The last time was during my English class last year. Indeed, this would be last time my nice math teacher would be teaching me as I will be completing my course.

My thankfulness to him for his efforts in teaching me.

Sometimes it does happen

Just had an unthinkable situation in the library today. I was thinking like was I mad? Or the library is crazy? And found that I was crazy lol.

Few days back: Library allows us to take only three books. I took three. But I needed more. So I used one of my friends quota and took book in his name and id.

Today I went to library to change the book for my requirement. I didn't know that I had taken the book borrowed in the name of my friend's quota. I got inside the library and searched my required book. Then, went to the librarian's desk to replace and register. Told my name and year. But astoundingly there wasn't the number of book I've taken.

"You have already taken three books," the librarian noted.
"I wanna replace sir," I replied.
"But the book's number isn't matching?"
It's was like, "What?"This is the book I've taken last time I thought to myself.
I thought I've mistakenly picked up my book while searching for my required book.
I just noted the book numbers and browsed the whole library to match my number. But it didn't match at all. I was confirming Ugyen that I've brought at least a book. He did agreed with me.

Was it really a dream?  I thought to myself or Am I being crazy.

It was like doubting myself whole regarding the book.

Finally, with little mindful thinking an idea flashed in my mind. I used my friend's quota to borrow the book. Then informed the librarian to look into my friend's name and number. Yeah, the book number matched. How silly I was. I wonder what Ugyen might have thought about me.

Sometimes I'm left in such kind of situation and many a times I'm being left wondering and thinking all silly things.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Time to Revitalize myself

The 2015 is almost ending and it's time that I get appeared to wave it aesthetically and get prepared to welcome 2016 heartily. I'm in realization that I've been able to make this year fruitful when I browse my bygone life of days of 2015.

Exams are nearing and I've been busy with my assignments. Hoping to complete them by 2015 so that I can start 2016 with my fresh revision for the exams. Just left with another Math assignment. 

I'm happy that I'm getting more into the books. Seriously, I cannot stop reading my-type of books. I love them. I owe them much because they give me everything. These days I'm with couple of books; Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, John Green's Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and Wagner's The Wisdom of Ages.

I've ordered Wattles' The Science of Getting Rich at, hard cover one. Been a month now, hope it reaches here soon. Been eagerly waiting for it. I don't know why? I've started loving hard cover books. And other ordered book is 'the HERO' by Rhonda Byrne.

I've a chain of books to buy and to be read and digested in the year 2016. Wanna know those books? I've been posting them in my Instagram @ugytenzin 'the Book Shelf of 2016. 

Monday, 5 October 2015

Done With BSA Fresher's Night

Obviously uneasy lies upon the one who wears the throne. Being a BSA President and experiencing its position isn't really a peace piece of cake. We (Four Executives) had uneasy time for the preparation for BSA Fresher's Night.

We did plan to organize the night by last week of September but waiting for BSA Fund had been bit irritating which further delayed our planned time. So, we made with our minds to collect few amount and do it thinking that BSA Fund if received shall be utilized for next Gathering.

Only on 3rd October, we were able to do that. It was great time we had in a total of 45 members. Some of them were too busy to join us while few remained within the shell of silence. It didn't matter at all for us, because it's our responsibility to invite them but they have their full rights to decide.

Dancing and singing we did. Games we played. Drinks we drank. Food we ate. Jokes we cracked. People we met and knew each other. And finally happiness was being ourselves among ourselves at home away from home. Thank you all for your kind-hearted cooperation.

Friday, 2 October 2015

My Condolences to Her

Life is all clothed in uncertainty and that's what it keeps haunting me always. But, it's a god's honest truth. A Natural Law, which no one can go against it.
Going through my Facebook wall, I came to know about the demise of Miss Dolka's Father. It has just been a week that there was a subject matter between she and DrukAir vis-a-vis de-boarding of her ill father by the DrukAir. She has been fighting for her rights wholeheartedly. But, unfortunately her father had passed away just few hours ago.

Though, I don't know her I just messaged her as a sign of condolences. I don't know her but I know the emotions and feelings she has at this moment after all we all are just like a tiny atom which follows the Law of Life;

Hello Miss Dolka, My heartfelt condolences to you and your dear beloved family members for your dear father's demise. Our beloved prayers for him that may his soul rest all in peace. I know how you feel at this very moment. Please be strong and take care of yourself after all everyone of us have to go through that Law of Uncertainty, it's just the matter of time. You're truly a true daughter of your parents and a true citizen not only of our country but the whole world. Your deeds are a source of inspiration of everyone of us. We really appreciate that way you have been fighting for the rights, indeed everyone of us must do that. You're a brave girl with a heart of lion. And please do be saddened by your father's demise, you have miles to journey ahead. You know your Facebook wall is all bathed in prayers. We feel ashamed to remain helpless at this very moment. Sorry for that. Wish you all good lucks and best wishes from all of us to you as you move ahead to make a difference in your life. Regards. Do Great. Take Care of yourself.

All I wish her is to be someone who can speak louder in action(s).

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Exams are near

Just few days left for the practical exam. Got to study well and do my best for I shall have to reach my expectation.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

2015's January is almost to an End

I wonder how time slides as an eagle glides within no time. Today is January 30, and I feel it has been a split second. Maybe I was to busy to count every day of this month.

I happy that I could make first impression of 2015 a fruitful one for I know what I did. It's very true that happiness often originates from our past unless we play our present zealously for present will become past timely. Do your present and you have done your past. After all time is same to name. We just divide them into our own divisions.

And my exams are coming near. I got to study well for it for I yearn to get my expected marks. Simultaneously, been left few months to leave for home. I really miss my beloved mom and dad. Before that I got to study well.

I wish a huge goodbye to my January 2015, I know you will never be back again but remember I shall remember that you was one of my great months of year of my life. Wish me good luck as I head ahead to swim in the limitless sea of my upcoming uncertain life.

God bless me and all.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

2014 is almost to an End

Time flows within no  time and I can really sense it. I m happy that I have been able to make my 2014, a fruitful and wonderful one. I am happy that I have been able to live up to my expectation. It's just three days left to welcome my 2015.

Monday, 24 November 2014

If You Feel...

If you feel you believe in yourself,
Please do believe yourself
and move forward.
If you feel you can do your best,
Please do your best
and live up to it.
If you feel you can do it
Please do it willingly
and be satisfied with it.

Friday, 14 November 2014

My Principal's Birthday

Today is one of my Principals Birthday, I just wished him:

Dear Sonam Sir. Happy Bright Birthday to you. I feel glad and great to wish you on your 50th birth anniversary with my toothy grin. You know this unwonted day of yours speaks not that you have grown older but bolder, it bespeaks that you have become stronger, happier, high-spirited, more knowledgeable, more confident, more enthusiastic, more invincible, more unbeatable and so on. Our sincere and heartfelt thankfulness to you for your invaluable values and wise wisdom those you have put in our naughty minds during our togetherness at Peljorling Higher Secondary School (2010), you know they have given us wings of hope to fly towards the horizon where plenty of dreams spread there waiting for us. Prayer-fully, may you always have happiness to live with huge hopes and much dreams during your everyday stay in this nice nation-creation. God bless you today, always, for eternity with all its mighty might. Good luck ahead when you swim in the limitless sea of opportunities with absolute enthusiasm and exhaustive optimism. Our praising prayers are always with you. Sending you a bouquet of flowers with our flowery smiles.:) :) :)  💐💐💐on your especial day. Fruitful Days Ahead.Take Care. [Hope dynamic you, your dear beloved family members and benign friends are all doing great with sound in health. Warm-hearted regards from me.]

Thursday, 13 November 2014

My Condolences

One of my friends' mom met this uncertainty so call death and I remain helpless at this moment. I couldn't do anything apart from sending this message hoping that it would make better;

Dear Pema,
I feel broken-hearted to hear your mom's decease and my heartfelt condolences la. Life is always clothed in uncertainty and one day or other we all have to face this same, exact inevitable situation, it's just the matter of time. So hoping that you are remaining strong with optimism and it's most to remain strong at this very moment. May her soul rest in piece and our prayers are always with her. Get better as time suits and heals you and it surely will. Come safely. Regards from me to all of your family members. Take care. :) :) :)

Life's always like that for all of us, no one will escape death after life, so always be a wise user of your precious life.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Letting Someone to know makes better

I have always been disturbed by late night's nasty noises produced by my neighbors. I have been waiting for the discussion with the owner. Today turned out to be the best time to tell him. And I told him. He just requested all the tenants to keep quite for we all got to respect each other's rights.

Just a moment ago, one of my neighbors who wasn't present just blasted the TV volume, I just went down to inquire him, went with the mind to request seriously but as soon as I reached and he opened the door,  I broke into smile and he smiled back. He just lowered the volume. "Thank you." I thanked. Hope he don't repeat next time, this was the second time.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My appreciation for her

In the afternoon when I was reading a book, someone was ringing my doorbell. I opened the door and saw a little cute girl, I guess 9-year-old girl. She was our watchman's daughter. She held a bunch of electric bills of the tenants. Everyday her mom used to bring the bill but today she was there to help her mom.

She just said, 'current bill' to me and handed me a bill. I just asked few questions in Telugu that I know little but she nodded, which made me to wonder about my mistake lol. So sweet of her, I felt, even a little girl can do great thing in a small way. After that she left for another, ringing the doorbell, one cute thing was she couldn't reach the bell, so she had to jump for that. It made me to smile.

Her mom was busy cleaning the steps. I heard her saying to her daughter about the bills, and she replied with her charming voice. I appreciate her for her help to her mom. God bless her and her family members for all times to come.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Quite Unusual Day

Unlike other days where I am always enclosed within four walls, today was different, I felt as if I was refreshing myself after long time back. I went with a thought to buy some my-type of books for I have been always yearning for them but I landed up shopping just a couple of things since I didn't find my books. Indeed I enjoyed my day.

I just bought sweatshirt and gave it for alteration. It took almost half an hour, so I had to do just as window shopping for I didn't like to buy anything. Some times, it made me to think about my future when I saw clothes designed for babies (lol).

Unlike others I am a tough guy, with limited desires. Sometimes, I find very difficult to do shopping also, cause, I would land up buying nothing at the end. I would prefer someone to buy for me instead of buying myself. In near future, I will have to solely depend upon my caring and loving wife for my as well as my kids' shopping. Hope she does it.

On the way, as usual as I meet those street people, as usual as my heart hurts and today too, it didn't fail to sadden me when I saw couple of them, I could not do anything apart from offering few bucks at my level with the prayers, "God bless you." I know I cannot do great things in my life but I can surely do small things in greater ways. I believe in helping others and that's my purpose of life.

God bless one and all.