Friday, 2 October 2015

My Condolences to Her

Life is all clothed in uncertainty and that's what it keeps haunting me always. But, it's a god's honest truth. A Natural Law, which no one can go against it.
Going through my Facebook wall, I came to know about the demise of Miss Dolka's Father. It has just been a week that there was a subject matter between she and DrukAir vis-a-vis de-boarding of her ill father by the DrukAir. She has been fighting for her rights wholeheartedly. But, unfortunately her father had passed away just few hours ago.

Though, I don't know her I just messaged her as a sign of condolences. I don't know her but I know the emotions and feelings she has at this moment after all we all are just like a tiny atom which follows the Law of Life;

Hello Miss Dolka, My heartfelt condolences to you and your dear beloved family members for your dear father's demise. Our beloved prayers for him that may his soul rest all in peace. I know how you feel at this very moment. Please be strong and take care of yourself after all everyone of us have to go through that Law of Uncertainty, it's just the matter of time. You're truly a true daughter of your parents and a true citizen not only of our country but the whole world. Your deeds are a source of inspiration of everyone of us. We really appreciate that way you have been fighting for the rights, indeed everyone of us must do that. You're a brave girl with a heart of lion. And please do be saddened by your father's demise, you have miles to journey ahead. You know your Facebook wall is all bathed in prayers. We feel ashamed to remain helpless at this very moment. Sorry for that. Wish you all good lucks and best wishes from all of us to you as you move ahead to make a difference in your life. Regards. Do Great. Take Care of yourself.

All I wish her is to be someone who can speak louder in action(s).