Saturday, 30 August 2014

Nobody plans to fail but fails to plan

I went to college for the class in the afternoon. The air was cool and the weather, cloudy as it rained yesterday. I enjoyed feeling the charm of the day. Within few minutes I reached to my college and directly went to the geology department for the class.

Reaching there, no one was there apart from me. I went to one of the classes and waited for my friends to come. For teacher too. But no one turned up. Then decided myself if the teacher was there. I met with one of the teachers and he was new, going to teach us. I just told that I was only there. He told me to wait for some time. I did. I chatted with one of the office assistants to fill my boredom.

Not wanting to waste time, I took time to browse the board and found this wisdom: Nobody Plans to Fail but  Fails to Plan. As far as you think 'NOT NOW' success becomes 'NEVER' but as soon as you think 'WHY NOT NOW' success surely will become yours. I just noted it in my book for I always yearn for one of this types.

Not, even one of us likeS failure or do we really plan for the failure? No. Everyone of us loves to succeed and have flowery fruition. But the actual fact is we always fail to plan by failing to follow our planned to-do-things and this is the main reason why we are left behind for failures. And today is the best day to do everything and just now is the best moment to start your dreams. Start Now! Trudge zealously towards your giant goals. You will surely do it.



Rima Reyka said...

In another words, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I read that quote from my senior during my 3rd year in college and those words motivated me to plan my time well in preparing my revision. And at the end I really did it well! I'm sure you can do it too Ugyen! :)

Ugyen Tenzin said...