Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Last Math Class: Only I and Teacher

Today was last math class and only me, I was there to attain. This is second first time to be only myself and a teacher in my life. The last time was during my English class last year. Indeed, this would be last time my nice math teacher would be teaching me as I will be completing my course.

My thankfulness to him for his efforts in teaching me.

Sometimes it does happen

Just had an unthinkable situation in the library today. I was thinking like was I mad? Or the library is crazy? And found that I was crazy lol.

Few days back: Library allows us to take only three books. I took three. But I needed more. So I used one of my friends quota and took book in his name and id.

Today I went to library to change the book for my requirement. I didn't know that I had taken the book borrowed in the name of my friend's quota. I got inside the library and searched my required book. Then, went to the librarian's desk to replace and register. Told my name and year. But astoundingly there wasn't the number of book I've taken.

"You have already taken three books," the librarian noted.
"I wanna replace sir," I replied.
"But the book's number isn't matching?"
It's was like, "What?"This is the book I've taken last time I thought to myself.
I thought I've mistakenly picked up my book while searching for my required book.
I just noted the book numbers and browsed the whole library to match my number. But it didn't match at all. I was confirming Ugyen that I've brought at least a book. He did agreed with me.

Was it really a dream?  I thought to myself or Am I being crazy.

It was like doubting myself whole regarding the book.

Finally, with little mindful thinking an idea flashed in my mind. I used my friend's quota to borrow the book. Then informed the librarian to look into my friend's name and number. Yeah, the book number matched. How silly I was. I wonder what Ugyen might have thought about me.

Sometimes I'm left in such kind of situation and many a times I'm being left wondering and thinking all silly things.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Time to Revitalize myself

The 2015 is almost ending and it's time that I get appeared to wave it aesthetically and get prepared to welcome 2016 heartily. I'm in realization that I've been able to make this year fruitful when I browse my bygone life of days of 2015.

Exams are nearing and I've been busy with my assignments. Hoping to complete them by 2015 so that I can start 2016 with my fresh revision for the exams. Just left with another Math assignment. 

I'm happy that I'm getting more into the books. Seriously, I cannot stop reading my-type of books. I love them. I owe them much because they give me everything. These days I'm with couple of books; Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, John Green's Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and Wagner's The Wisdom of Ages.

I've ordered Wattles' The Science of Getting Rich at Amazon.in, hard cover one. Been a month now, hope it reaches here soon. Been eagerly waiting for it. I don't know why? I've started loving hard cover books. And other ordered book is 'the HERO' by Rhonda Byrne.

I've a chain of books to buy and to be read and digested in the year 2016. Wanna know those books? I've been posting them in my Instagram @ugytenzin 'the Book Shelf of 2016.