Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My appreciation for her

In the afternoon when I was reading a book, someone was ringing my doorbell. I opened the door and saw a little cute girl, I guess 9-year-old girl. She was our watchman's daughter. She held a bunch of electric bills of the tenants. Everyday her mom used to bring the bill but today she was there to help her mom.

She just said, 'current bill' to me and handed me a bill. I just asked few questions in Telugu that I know little but she nodded, which made me to wonder about my mistake lol. So sweet of her, I felt, even a little girl can do great thing in a small way. After that she left for another, ringing the doorbell, one cute thing was she couldn't reach the bell, so she had to jump for that. It made me to smile.

Her mom was busy cleaning the steps. I heard her saying to her daughter about the bills, and she replied with her charming voice. I appreciate her for her help to her mom. God bless her and her family members for all times to come.