Thursday, 13 November 2014

My Condolences

One of my friends' mom met this uncertainty so call death and I remain helpless at this moment. I couldn't do anything apart from sending this message hoping that it would make better;

Dear Pema,
I feel broken-hearted to hear your mom's decease and my heartfelt condolences la. Life is always clothed in uncertainty and one day or other we all have to face this same, exact inevitable situation, it's just the matter of time. So hoping that you are remaining strong with optimism and it's most to remain strong at this very moment. May her soul rest in piece and our prayers are always with her. Get better as time suits and heals you and it surely will. Come safely. Regards from me to all of your family members. Take care. :) :) :)

Life's always like that for all of us, no one will escape death after life, so always be a wise user of your precious life.