Monday, 29 September 2014

Got to cogitate about writing on "Sex and its environs"

Just a moment ago, I was going through the face book page 'Stringent rules against child molesters' browsing its contents back to back and found myself helpless to read those bereft stories about rape cases. It is must for all of us to know about sex and its effects for it is the most powerful weapon which will either make us or break us depending upon its perception.

I am cogitating to write about the "Make and Break of the Sex" and I feel I need to read some books, that I have to make this writing a more wider one. Though I know pretty much about the sex and its ambience, I would be more comfortable to read and write.

I am planning to write. Hope one day, I am gonna bring a brilliant write up on this subject for it has become a wheel of necessity for every one of us to know more about sex and go beyond its usual pleasurable properties through physical expression.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Mr. Pillai's Birthday

I nearly forgot to wish my fatherly sir on his birthday. Thanks god or else I would have felt if I had missed it for he inspired me more than I thought. Here is a wish I did on his face book time line with my dear friends;

Our dear Fatherly Teacher,Mr. Rajasekharan Pillai
Today is a very very special day for all of us who know you and especially for us it has become all the world to us. We are fortunate to have met you in the pages of our lives because, tough minded optimist-cookie like you is very rare in this bleeding-edge world. Our stay of togetherness at Chukha Higher Secondary School has become our all-important and memorable chapter of our lives where we got to learn the real meaning of Life. Your patience and benevolence have really taught us superbly.Now though being away from you saddens us we invariably try every moment to follow your philosophy in a most meaningful way little by little. Your absence has made us to think that you are the pearl of pearls, and there is nobody like you who care during the very broken-hearted moments. Thank you so much sir, you had truly shaped our life and we should say that we are the happiest because we are feeling that I am cherishing your philosophy in a greater way. Many many happy returns of the day sir. HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO YOU. Our praising prayers are always with you. With much love and care. Take Care. Sending you a bouquet of flowers 
— with Boley Vai and 22 others. 

P.S. Sorry for the long delay sir. Forgive us [Not included]

Monday, 22 September 2014


Monday is always a good day for me for it gives me much hopes and freshness to start the week. Moreover, on Monday, the classes are occupied by major subjects.

But today I had little bit of irritation. During one of the classes, the teacher didn't come on time and only when the time was half gone he came and started teaching. he even took all most the lunch time. I had to go home and bring my physic book for the afternoon class but it left me no choice from getting annoyed. 

I am very much strict while coming to punctuality and I love the one who is punctual. I am not annoyed with my teacher but I am annoyed for not being punctual. Remember, you are given with a time do and you must respect it and do it, if not don't try to take other time to do it because you are disturbing the punctuality of other time also. And this is not a good one.

Always be punctual. 

Vegetable Shopping

Every weekend we go to buy vegetables from the vegetable market. Last time I didn't go for I told two of my roommates to do the job. Today I went and I felt I was going after long time back. The scene was as usual, dusty street, musty stalls, busy people and doubt in trusty people.

With few minutes we reached there and did our shopping, selecting the good among bad and best among good. The lesson from my English text book on 'Food Coloring' kept haunting me when ever I bought vegetables. But we had no alternative left apart from making our mind with confirmation.

Some shopkeepers kept quarreling while others tried to sell more for more. The street was crowded with vehicles and people. Not wanting to stay for longer, we returned within no time. I rarely go outside as I am inside most of the time, I prefer inside.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Rat In My Room

I was cooking for the dinner. I cut the vegetables and made ready for the preparation. Since, the rice wasn't ready I decided to sit and wait for the time. 

As soon as I reached my room the tiny rat entered from the main door and got buried between my mattress and pillow. I told about this to two of my room mates with much curiosity they came to see. I began to lift my pillow to check by closing the kitchen door. Then the rat was there. I got hold of broom to sweep it and told both of them to be active. As soon as it moved to other corner, I tried to sweep but I didn't do. One of my friends kicked but luckily, it headed to other room. Now it was bit difficult.

Then we started to search for the rat and found it in the shoes. It moved below his bed. We had tough time chasing it with laughter and fun, some times it made us to dance also. Finally, we were able to chase it. I tried to throw out but it entered into my neighbor's room, I am not sure whether they knew or not. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Eating 'Puri' after long time

Day before yesterday two of my room mates had brought the ingredients for making 'Puri; unleavened deep-fried Indian bread,' while going for vegetable shopping. Both of them have little idea about its preparation though they would love much to have. Coming to me, I feel myself as a great cook for myself and am not sure for others. I love cooking and would love to learn. About Puri I know much about it as I had prepared in my past.

So today's dinner was puri. We had good time preparing. Not interestingly, it wasn't up to my expectation but was delicious due to our hunger, I think. We had with azha; fried red chili powder with cheese.

I just called my mom regarding our puri preparation and when I told about our least satisfaction, I could sense her dissolving into laughter. My mother is a great cook and I have been always learning from her. I really miss the delicious and toothsome various food she used to prepare for us during our togetherness and you know I used to eat till my stomach used to enlarge. Really missing those awesome days.
But don't worry mom, when my time comes, I am gonna make delicious for you and dad. Love you mummy and daddy. Take Care.

Shame on me

Monday, obviously is a fresh and new day for me as I welcome with a huge smile. The morning was fresh with cloudy sky, did I see as I looked up the sky. The people were busy in their own worlds. With much big feeling in me, I walked to my college yearning to learn and yield.

We have maths practical in the first three periods. By the time I reached the class, there were few friends getting ready for the class. Wishing them and talking with them was fine. Within no time sir came and he started cleaning the board. You blithering idiot, I thought at myself, why didn't you rub the board? Don't you feel shame seeing your beloved teacher doing it, right in front of you. I could do nothing apart from hating my indiscipline and being in shame

Here, students are different, they never even bother to rub boards, instead the teachers have to do it. And I feel bit uncomfortable to be their victim. It doesn't mean that we have to do it compulsory but if we can, it will be the best. I felt best when I did last Saturday and I know how my teacher would have felt.

This reminds me of my school days, where I have been always trying myself giving to teachers especially in such types of stuffs, cleaning boards and helping to write on boards for my friends and you know I used to enjoy it.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I am doing some type of research based on Happiness through my constant question; What makes you happy? Give me three points. Since due to modern sciences, it is easy, we just need to drop this question in their face book chat box and automatically they will do it.

The main purpose of this is, I am writing a poem based on "Happiness and Well Being." I am doing this because somewhere Ma'am Karma Choden's face book timeline, I saw this, not exactly status;

"Dear all,
If you are fond of poetry and writing poems, here is a great opportunity for you all. The President of United Nations Society for Writers has sent an invitation to submit poems on the theme, 'Happiness and Well being' to mark the International Day of Happiness on 20 March, 2015.

The poems can be either contemporary or traditional and can be written in either Dzongkha or English. If you submit your poems in Dzongkha, an English translation has to provided.

If you all are interested, I would appreciate receiving the poems by 15 September, 2014."

You know that I am fond of writing poems, and I can do it, I mean why not? Give a try. I live Stephen Kaggwa's words; "Try and fail but don't fail to try." As long as I give a sweet try, that's more than enough for me and that's my happiness, that which I am going to write on.

Best Wishes to Myself, while writing this poem, may I be blesses with all God's might. I know I can do it. I can write it zealously.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Happiness is when I meet my teacher

Just now I am having an awesome chat with Nima Wangchuk sir, my beloved teacher who taught me English in my tenth grade. It has been long time that i could not meet him, but fortunately, now I feel great to meet him in face book chat and that's why I always thank face book.

I always yearn to meet my beloved teachers for I would love to pay my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for their hard and efforts those have be contributing what I am today. I feel blessed to have met them. Thank you God for your dynamic teachers.

All the credits go to my teachers, I am what I am today, all because of my teachers. Thank you teachers now I can head ahead with much enthusiasm.

To my beloved mom

Just called my dear beloved mom, can stop myself from missing them madly.  When ever I got to hear her soothing voice, I feel as if I am at heaven at that moment, i love you so much my dear beloved parents. You have been so nice to me, in making what I am today.

I know, you are always facing difficulties for the constant survival and I feel guilty to be helpless at this very moment. And I am really sorry for this. But don't worry one day I am going to yield in near future and take you two to the lad of flying colors where happiness and peace have there full time engagement. Life will be beautiful at that time, I promise.

I am happy that, you two are doing great and I know that there is always a little bitter truth behind your sweet voice.Anyway I feel glad and great to have you as my parents.

Yours Sweetie

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Happiness is when my teacher encourages me

In the morning we didn't have classes so I went in the afternoon to attain English class. Reaching college there was no one apart from me. I waited for sometime for the ma'am to come. This time, I took one of my favorite books "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie and I spend time waiting through reading this book. Awesome.

After some time, ma'am came and I told, I was only the one. She came to the class and before she could sit, she just ask about my book and spoke to herself; I am happy them at least one of my students is reading good book. I too felt glad and great. Besides, I have taken one file which I use it for practicals and she was happy with my file saying; You carry a file to save your documents.

For the first time, I had attended the class with one student and a teacher. I felt bit uneasy for it was the first time. I was happy that later one of my friends joined me. We read some poems and soft skills parts. English is bit easy I find but I don't want my teacher to feel bad on by not attending the English class.
 Since we two were only the one, she didn't teach much.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


This is what I posted in my face book timeline for the nomination made by ma'am Rima in BookBucketChallenge;

Thank you Rima Reyka ma'am for nominating me in the‪#‎BookBucketChallenge‬  and I truly believe in Stephen King's wisdom; "Books are a uniquely portable magic." The following are the 10 books those I have been living for;
1. Think and Grow Rich ~ Napoleon Hill 
2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind ~ Dr. Joseph Murphy 
3. The Power of Positive Thinking ~ Norman Vincent Peale
4. How to Win Friends and Influence People ~ Dale Carnegie 
5. Secrets of Mind Power ~ Harry Lorayne
6. The Quality of Leadership ~ Michael Hansbury
7. As A Man Thinketh ~ James Allen
8. Sexual Energy Transmutation ~ Jay Onwukwe
9. Secret of the Ages ~ Robert Collier
10. The Magic of Believing ~ Claude Bristol
Now I would love to nominate Prakash SharmaGautam Rana Mongar,Chenga DawaBeebak GurungKezzang WangdiiTîka RámTrilochan SharmaDawa Dem, and Nityam Nepal, for the continuation of this challenge. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Prakash's Birthday

A bosom friend of mine, Prakash Sharma, we have been friends for almost nine years and he has always been the true source of my inspiration. Today, 2nd September is his birthday and I couldn't stop myself from posting this little big letter in his timeline; 

Dear Prakash;

When I browse through those bygone doughty days of our  togetherness for nine years at Peljorling Higher Secondary School, it convinces me that those joyful, blissful days of ours will never be again, but I am breezy that those memorable memories will always be cherished in our living hearts.

On this day, on your happy birthday, on this special day of yours, may I grab a portion of your complete attention to thank you for your timeless inspiration and peerless wisdom that you have been sharing with me for eternity. You know they have been helping me and leaping me to guide my life. Besides, they have been the major contributors in the making of, "What I Am Today.'

Meeting you was my faith and accepting you as my bosom friend was a blessing. My life has been much beautiful and meaningful after our encounter and you know I will always adore it.

On your bright birthday, may you invariably have happiness to live with huge hopes and much dreams for you deserve them whole. May you ever be the humane human of this nation and creation for you always yearn for it. And may you be blessed by almighty god for all the times to come.

Best wishes from me and wish you a huge good luck when you swim in the limitless sea of opportunities. I already knew that you will surely yield.

My praising prayers are always with you.
Yours Truly.
Bosom Friend.

He made me to wonder

Monday is a very special day for me as we have full classes with major subjects and you know if I miss it, I will be missing the major portion of my study. With much ardor, I went to the college, welcoming a new week and a month, September.

We had full classes and in between the gaps, to fill our boredom, I couldn't stop myself from joking with my friend as one of my hobbies is to joke. But this time, my joke got reflected with a message which made me to wonder and ponder. He came late for the class and I just asked him the reason. I was happy that he told me he stay very far away from the college, which made to ask him why he doesn't stay nearby.

The answer was, because he lives with his parents. I joked with him that whether he was going to stay with his parents forever even after his marriage. But, the answer was strange, he told me that, he will be staying with them till his marriage and when he gets time now it is better to stay with them, after all we would never get such time to be with them.

Hmm. Now I was wondering. Now I am twenty one. And just asked myself what percentage of my life have I spent with my dear beloved parents? I felt little melancholy to calculate and know the result because it was nearly half the percentage. And I know that from now on wards I won't get full time to stay with them. Besides, this uncertainty haunts. He was right and thanks to him.

Dear friends, be thoughtful and try giving yourself more to your parents when you get time, you know it won't be the same in near future. Stay with them, help them, have fun and making your togetherness awesome one. So that you won't regret later. And I too join you in giving my time to my dear beloved parents.

Welcoming my September

Dear My Beloved September;

As I welcome you with a toothy grin, hope you bring me all happiness and opportunities, so that I can heighten myself to greater heights of greatness. You know August had been so nice to me that I drove my life enthusiastically and zealously, creating myself, encouraging my friends and discovering the life in its depth.

I know that life is always a roller coaster filled with unknown ups and unspoken downs, but  I certainly say that I will accept them as my usual happenstance for I invariably believe in Travis Barker; "Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living." Besides, I have been cherishing my happiness for it has been yielding in me and adoring my adversities for it has been teaching me the experiences which have been inspiring me. Life is fun. Life is beautiful. Life is challenging. And all we need to do is to live it happily and meaningfully.

With this Peale's words; "Change your thoughts and you change your world," I promise with my best commitments that I will always cooperate with you and listen to you and myself. I look forward with much enthusiasm and optimism to experience you with my whole body and soul, wishing myself the very best of luck when I bath in your oceans of opportunities.

Wishing You the Best of Best

Yours Truly
Bosom Friend