Saturday, 23 August 2014

My advice to him

The give below is the conversation that I and one of my juniors had on Monday 18, at around 08:30 pm in face book chat. He asked me some techniques and strategies to learn efficiently, I had to give my best as per my experiences though I may not reach up to the required expectation. Here is the exact conversation;

HE :  Hi bro,  How Can I study maths, I am not able to study, it's very difficult. Please give ma a clue.

ME : It has been long that we didn't meet. Hope doing great. Just know the formulae, understand the formulae and practice it everyday. These 3 are the most important.

HE : Thank ata, how are you, what about your study?

ME : Going well bro. Hope yours too and hope your family is also doing great.

HE : Ata am worried that I can't perform well this year, maths and account are heavy load for me. How could you have studied in class 12. I can't ata. I am trying, doing hard work also but even then I can't. Am losing hope.

ME :  I knew your main problem. Just study the message you have sent to me. There are 3 'can't' and losing hope, heavy load...Why do you put this, these all are dragging you down. Instead, think positive, think you can and you will. Be determined. Then only you can do it. There is no such thing as nothing foe something. You need to put positive thoughts, hard work, your time, your life. Then only you can do it. My earnest request to you is; Never ever say you can'r because there is great psychological effects. Even if you can't just think you can because you have inner power that can help you in achieving your goals and aspirations. You have hidden power inside you. Just believe in my words.

HE : Thank for your advice and encouragement.

ME : Don't listen to others they will say many things, such as giving up, losing hope or not being able to do but you are not they, you are not your friends, you are WHO YOU ARE, encourage yourself and I know you can.

HE : Yes, I will and I can. I will do it. I will follow your advice. Ata while we are studying, can we touch or study all the subjects in a day. And can you tell me more about time management.

ME : About time management, divide each subject for at least one hour and all the subjects must be included in one day. Practice maths at night only. Other theory subjects must be studied in the morning.

HE : While studying theory, reading is enough? Can we read and write?

ME : That's great. I forgot to tell. Studying and writing is the best and on top of that try to understand that meaning and write in your own language.

HE : Okay ata. Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement. Did you have dinner ata?

ME : Not yet, about to. So think positive and do zealously. I know you can. Best Wishes from me. Do let me know if you have any problem. I am always there to help you.

HE : Okay ata. I will keep your words. I will never let fade your word from my heart. now about English, how can I improve grammar? What are the ways to improve grammar?

ME : I think you might have know this fact about English: English has nothing to learn but you get least marks in English. About English, it depends upon the lessons you have been learning from your middle classes. But if you are planning to learn grammar, it isn't too late to do. Get hold of one grammar book and study rules and laws of subject. For instances, passive and active voices, direct and indirect speeches, tenses, transformation of sentences, forms of verbs and others basic grammar, you need to study these all. Besides, changing the words in their various speeches, like from verb to noun or vice versa.

HE : Good night ata. Always thanks to you.

ME : Yeah! Take care. Do well. :)

HE : Okay ata. I thought you are offline.

ME : :)

HE : You had dinner?

ME : Yeah! I hungrily had. :)

HE : Are you boarding or what? Which part of India?

ME :  I am staying in rented apartment. Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh.

Note: Correction of spellings and sentence structures have done for the readers' convenience but the meaning remains exactly the original.