Sunday, 31 August 2014

My humble request

Just a moment ago, I was browsing down my face book page and suddenly I was made to pause and comment on this following status. I don't know much about the one who has updated her statue as we have become friends very recently. But, my concern is, by reading her status, I really got disturbed by the way she put the words about herself. Unexpected. So I think it becomes my responsible to comment something because she had updated her status for the comments (I am sure about it).

This is her status and I will note it exactly what she had written (no change in sentence structure or grammar):
"i hate everything abt ma life. Y i m born in dis world???? i dnt feel lyk to do anything. I had cried enough. I had heard enough... Enough c .. Plez death take me soon. Dear god, i m trusting u. I knw u heard ma prayer.."

I wonder what had made her to update this kind of status. Yes, there is always ups and downs in life and it must be for we always believe that April shower is always followed by may flower. Ups and downs doesn't matter much what counts is the experiences and knowledge we have gained through them. So I think there is nothing that can stole our happiness apart from our own unguarded thoughts.

I commented this on her status with a thought that it may give her to realize about her status, hope she realizes it:
"My humble request, Love your life, you know there will never be a better you than you, look around and just say it proudly "YES" to yourself by discovering how unique you are and about your beautiful life. Sometimes things don't turn the way we want, just stand still and give a huge smile to yourself and tell yourself "I can surely mend it." Think positive thoughts and be usual about life's ups and downs. Remember, you will always be loving your life, no matter what. You were born because you are unique and beautiful. Think positively and I am sure that God will hear you. Best Wishes from me. Do well ahead. Be happy and always smile. :) :) :) Take Care. "

Remember, we become what we think.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Nobody plans to fail but fails to plan

I went to college for the class in the afternoon. The air was cool and the weather, cloudy as it rained yesterday. I enjoyed feeling the charm of the day. Within few minutes I reached to my college and directly went to the geology department for the class.

Reaching there, no one was there apart from me. I went to one of the classes and waited for my friends to come. For teacher too. But no one turned up. Then decided myself if the teacher was there. I met with one of the teachers and he was new, going to teach us. I just told that I was only there. He told me to wait for some time. I did. I chatted with one of the office assistants to fill my boredom.

Not wanting to waste time, I took time to browse the board and found this wisdom: Nobody Plans to Fail but  Fails to Plan. As far as you think 'NOT NOW' success becomes 'NEVER' but as soon as you think 'WHY NOT NOW' success surely will become yours. I just noted it in my book for I always yearn for one of this types.

Not, even one of us likeS failure or do we really plan for the failure? No. Everyone of us loves to succeed and have flowery fruition. But the actual fact is we always fail to plan by failing to follow our planned to-do-things and this is the main reason why we are left behind for failures. And today is the best day to do everything and just now is the best moment to start your dreams. Start Now! Trudge zealously towards your giant goals. You will surely do it.


Always Be Consistent (ABC)

Yesterday, during night time, I was having a face book chat with one of my beloved friends. I was sorry to say that I couldn't remember her but she knows me well. The reason is I was the school councillor during those high school days and we have been school mates for a year.

This applies to all. The people know the king but the king will have tough time knowing and remembering every his citizen. The students know the principal but it is sure that the principle won't know many of the students apart from the classes he teaches. So this also applies same to me. Being a councillor, everyday I have to stay in front and command for the morning prayers and national anthem, in this way the students get to know me well, but I won't know them all, unless I have contact with them everyday. I am extremely sorry for those who knew me well for I promise to know you well in coming days.

She messaged me with the sad emoticon indicating her unhappiness with what she is doing at present, I am sure about this. I just asked her why she was unhappy and she doesn't want to share with me. I told her. She denied. Again I did. Again the same. Finally, through constant repetition I got the answer that she was unhappy because she was repeating the school again. So simple reason.

I just messaged her: Why you have to be doleful, if I were you, I would be very happy and promise myself to do the best. Everybody is like this only, next time I don't want to see you unhappy may. I was happy that she replied: Hmm. Okay then, I won't be unhappy any more.

My epoch-making point here is there is exactly no reason for being in misery or in unhappiness. "They are the makers of themselves," as said by William James and may I borrow hi words and say, "WE are the makers of ourselves." We are responsible for our happiness and sadness. If we create happiness, it will follow us. On the other hand if we create sadness, then it too will follow. 

All we need to remember is, both happiness and sadness are the offspring of our own thoughts, so therefore to think positive thoughts it becomes our lifeblood.

So my dear beloved friends, "a man is what he thinks about all day long," as said by Ralph Waldo Emerson, always try thinking good thoughts for surety that you will be the best follower of happiness because happiness doesn't depend upon the outer situation but it wholly depends on our inner little big being. Listen to this inner little big being and drive you life with great zeal and zest.

Best Wishes from me. Take care.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Raining after long time back

It is true that we get fed up with the things we experience and do everyday and this is also no different in case of weather. Long sunny day makes us to miss rain and long rainy day makes us to miss sun. After all my chief point here is we don't want to be in a same situation at all.

But on the other had, the great people has truly said the repetition will lead to habits the this habit is the main pillar of success as mentioned by Aristotle; "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit." Some times it makes me wonder about our deeds those never take us to greatness. This might be the bold reason that we get to experience constant failures, but never mind keep going.

I missed rain since a week back and I am glad that it heard my words and is turning up today only. Thank you rain. But, though happy I am not happy at all when I think of those street people. How they might be coping up with the constant change in weather. Sunny day is okay but heavy downpours and stormy weather would bring unfavourable times for them for it would worsen their situation and soul. 

Now I must not pray for rain. May they be all in wellness. God bless them everyday, everywhere.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Had dinner hungrily

Life seems beautiful for those who can maintain and drive it superbly. On the other hand life is clouded by gloominess for those who is stony broke or who doesn't have enough needs. To live we need to eat and for those who yearn for this is really tough. To live everyday, we need to eat everyday.

I was really hungry since we didn't had lunch and because of this I had little headache and feeling of uneasiness. I wonder how those street people spend their lives with no proper food and homes. Even if I miss a single meal, I feel as if I have missed something very important, but think about those sufferers they have been in such situations for so many times.

I feel really pity on them whenever I see them, I would love to help them, I yearn to love them and I would live to give my hands to them for I always believe in the law of benevolence. Sometimes, I see them in such a situation that they wound my heart and leave scars in my heart. It's so painful to accept it and the ever thing I won't forgive to  myself is for remaining helpless even if I feel them. I feel sorry for them. I am really really sorry.

Dear God, do help them through my prayers and wishes. I know you will surely hear me and help them. May they all be blessed in god's blessings.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I could feel him

Dear God;

We need to do something for those who need.

In the morning while heading towards the college, on the way I met with a disabled-legged man cycling three wheeled-cycle with his hand. Staring at him, I saw his face bathed all in sweat in the sun which made me to wonder about him. Besides, I could not stop myself from feeling pity on him.

I feel guilty of not being able to help them and remaining helpless every time I see like him. But, I always remain committed to my promise to pray for their well being for all the times to come.

I know God has already made with a mind to help him.
May he receive almighty god's mights to make the difference.

Their Visit

In the morning I did attend the classes but when the afternoon came, I felt uneasy, so I didn't go to college after lunch while he went. I cooked lunch and waited for him to come for by 02:30 pm the class will be over.

The doorbell rang and I saw him accompanied by two of my Indian friends. They came to visit us. That was great. Without getting late, I bought a bottle of juice and served them as a guest without having much thing to give. They busied themselves chatting with Yonten, watching movies, especially bhutanese and listening to songs.

Meanwhile I made ready with the lunch, for I was wondering about curry for I didn't know they were going to visit us. I had prepared fried spinach with bringer and I didn't know how it would sound for them. Without wasting much time, we had it, hungrily for me. I have no idea how they felt.

After that, they came to my room and asked me to show my photos, I didn't have much photos, just showed that must be shown. I showed them some bhutanese movies, video clips and songs. Hope they felt great to see it. I talk about the books I read and the articles I love to read.

By 05:30pm, they left for home.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Need to be thoughtful

After class Yonten and I went to Quoti, a neighbourly of 6 kilometre distance from my home to buy table fan. To save even a penny, we went by bus. Besides, it does, play role in saving fuel and air pollution. I felt it was after long time back we were travelling in bus and it was true. Within twenty to thirty minutes we reached there. 

Then went to SBI ATM and withdrew some amount. With less than five minutes we made with our minds and got the fan. It cost around fifteen hundred for each, so we paid and bought it. Searched for the mini taxi and returned home.

By the time we reached home, I had left my maths notebook there in the shop. Felt, bit exhausted to go back and bring it but I was not in position to give it up. Without losing any energy and alacrity, I went to get it. I paid a total of one hundred and sixty rupees for the taxi fare. I am happy that they got what they were waiting for and I too got what I really wanted. That's my happiness.

I extracted a lesson of being mindful and thoughtful in our everyday life. Besides, it also taught me that hurry and worry are just the two faces of a coin. Moreover, everything happens for a reason, so don't blame the situation, either good or bad.

Birthday wishes to my teachers.

This is the birthday wishes that I have posted in two of my teachers' face book timeline birthday on 21st of August (It was Mrs. Sumitra Sharma and Mrs. Dechen Choden's birthday)

Many many happy returns of the day ma'am. We feel glad and great to wish you on your 28th birthday with much enthusiasm. Thank you for your wise wisdom and invaluable values those you have put into our naughty young minds, during our togetherness at Peljorling Higher Secondary School

Your hard work has given us wings of hope to fly, to fly beyond the horizon, where plenty of dreams spread waiting for us. You have nurtured the very soul of ours with encouragement, that's why we have been able to journey to our destination. 

On this day, on this special day, may you be blessed with all god's mights. 

Our praising prayers are always with you. 
Good Luck Ahead. 
With much Love and Care. 

Take care. 

Finally we will be eagerly, hungrily waiting for your birthday cake.

Note: I have tagged my beloved friends too, so that they too feel their presence in wishing their birthdays.

Wishing his birthday

It is around 06:36 pm, I feel sorry for my delay to wish my beloved teacher on his birthday, this is the message that I sent to him just a moment ago in his face book chat; (To Jamphel Choeda Sir)

Dear Sir;

On this day, on this special day of yours, I feel great and glad to wish you many many happy returns of the day with the prayers that may you always have happiness to live with much enthusiasm and optimism.

Life keeps going and time keeps elapsing, the only way to have them spent aesthetically is to keep on keeping on. God bless you in your every doing. Good Luck Ahead. Wish you a huge good luck.

My praising prayers are always with you.

With much love and care.
Take care.

Note: Sorry for the long delay, I know you won't mind.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Notes to my beloved parents

Dear Mom and Dad;

                           Though I called you few couple of days back, I feel I have not meet you for ages. So hope everything is going well everyday with sound in health. About me I am absolutely fine and doing great in my studies as I promise to do as usual.

I just would love to pay my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you for your greatest contribution in 'What I Am Today,' and it's all because of you that I am able to move forward towards my destination with the burning flame of enthusiasm. Till now, life has always been beautiful and wonderful.

I promise to do my best in my daily lives no matter what the situation overtakes me because I have learnt from you that, "If you want a place in the sun, you've got to put up with a few blisters," as said by Abigail Van Buren. I will say certainly that I will always keep on keeping on to have my place in the sun and I shall prove that there is no such thing as something for nothing.

To tell you about financial issues, I have enough of it and it is more than enough. You needn't have to worry at all about it.

Lastly, without having much to say, with thankful heart I would love to say you to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Be careful in your every doing in uncertain life and drive it diligently for this faith is just an iffy limbo.

Thanking You Always
My praising prayers are always with you
With much Love and Care.
Take Care. :) :) :)

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Happiness is when I find my teacher

I have been searching one of my Indian teacher's face book account since very long time ago. He taught us chemistry in class 9 and 10 at Peljorling Middle Secondary School, Samtse. He was my favourite chemistry teacher. Fortunately, I got his account today only, that's why I am very happy today.

Within split of second, I send him friend request and I could not stop myself from messaging him:

Dear Sir,

I feel glad and great that, finally I have found your account as I have been searching for you since very long ago. Hope you and your beloved wife with children are doing great everyday with sound in health.

Looking forward to meet you.

With much love and care.
Take Care. :)

Though not a native teacher, his teaching was excellent as far as I knew, that's why I used to score good and expected marks in chemistry that really used to bring a shadow of smile on his face. We were neighbours at home and a good friends in the school. Life was beautiful helping and sharing each other and mostly fortunate to have met teacher like him.

For your kind information his name is Mr. Ignaci Raja

My advice to him

The give below is the conversation that I and one of my juniors had on Monday 18, at around 08:30 pm in face book chat. He asked me some techniques and strategies to learn efficiently, I had to give my best as per my experiences though I may not reach up to the required expectation. Here is the exact conversation;

HE :  Hi bro,  How Can I study maths, I am not able to study, it's very difficult. Please give ma a clue.

ME : It has been long that we didn't meet. Hope doing great. Just know the formulae, understand the formulae and practice it everyday. These 3 are the most important.

HE : Thank ata, how are you, what about your study?

ME : Going well bro. Hope yours too and hope your family is also doing great.

HE : Ata am worried that I can't perform well this year, maths and account are heavy load for me. How could you have studied in class 12. I can't ata. I am trying, doing hard work also but even then I can't. Am losing hope.

ME :  I knew your main problem. Just study the message you have sent to me. There are 3 'can't' and losing hope, heavy load...Why do you put this, these all are dragging you down. Instead, think positive, think you can and you will. Be determined. Then only you can do it. There is no such thing as nothing foe something. You need to put positive thoughts, hard work, your time, your life. Then only you can do it. My earnest request to you is; Never ever say you can'r because there is great psychological effects. Even if you can't just think you can because you have inner power that can help you in achieving your goals and aspirations. You have hidden power inside you. Just believe in my words.

HE : Thank for your advice and encouragement.

ME : Don't listen to others they will say many things, such as giving up, losing hope or not being able to do but you are not they, you are not your friends, you are WHO YOU ARE, encourage yourself and I know you can.

HE : Yes, I will and I can. I will do it. I will follow your advice. Ata while we are studying, can we touch or study all the subjects in a day. And can you tell me more about time management.

ME : About time management, divide each subject for at least one hour and all the subjects must be included in one day. Practice maths at night only. Other theory subjects must be studied in the morning.

HE : While studying theory, reading is enough? Can we read and write?

ME : That's great. I forgot to tell. Studying and writing is the best and on top of that try to understand that meaning and write in your own language.

HE : Okay ata. Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement. Did you have dinner ata?

ME : Not yet, about to. So think positive and do zealously. I know you can. Best Wishes from me. Do let me know if you have any problem. I am always there to help you.

HE : Okay ata. I will keep your words. I will never let fade your word from my heart. now about English, how can I improve grammar? What are the ways to improve grammar?

ME : I think you might have know this fact about English: English has nothing to learn but you get least marks in English. About English, it depends upon the lessons you have been learning from your middle classes. But if you are planning to learn grammar, it isn't too late to do. Get hold of one grammar book and study rules and laws of subject. For instances, passive and active voices, direct and indirect speeches, tenses, transformation of sentences, forms of verbs and others basic grammar, you need to study these all. Besides, changing the words in their various speeches, like from verb to noun or vice versa.

HE : Good night ata. Always thanks to you.

ME : Yeah! Take care. Do well. :)

HE : Okay ata. I thought you are offline.

ME : :)

HE : You had dinner?

ME : Yeah! I hungrily had. :)

HE : Are you boarding or what? Which part of India?

ME :  I am staying in rented apartment. Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh.

Note: Correction of spellings and sentence structures have done for the readers' convenience but the meaning remains exactly the original. 

I should make it

I feel I would be happier if I post some birthday pictures with my inspiring messages to my friends' face book time line during their respective birthdays because this will make them feel the importance of their most special and much awaited days. Besides, how do you feel when somebody wishes you on your special birthday? All is same. We feel we are precious and priceless.

The below line is the message that I have been posting to my friends' timeline during their birthdays;

Many many happy returns of the day. May you be the shining star for yourself, your beloved parents and the nation. May you always have happiness to live with huge hopes and much dreams (sometimes with hoped hopes and dreamt dreams). God bless you everyday in your life. Good Luck Ahead. Do well. Take Care. :) :) :)

But for teachers, I post in different ways. Usually, I post some inspiring birthday pictures with the words of gratitude and appreciation for they have been the major contributors of 'What I Am Today.' Besides, I bring the life of bygone memories of our togetherness. Only through this we are able to gather those gone happiness and cherish it for eternity.

From today onwards I promise to post birthday messages with birthday pictures to my friends' face book time line, so that they realise and respect their presence in this splendid earth. Moreover, I would be merrier to post it. For I believe, encouragement will always yield, no matter what the situation is.

Friday, 22 August 2014

I got to recollect my friends

I thank this social media so call 'face book' for bringing the world far much closer and together where happiness is going to prevail through integrations. No matter where we are, how far away we are, as long as we are with face book, it is going to be our best friend to free us from prison of boredom.

I feel happier and greener to have met many old-gold friends who have spent their cardinal time with me during my childhood and my other times. Now I can chat with them and share the memorable memories those we did, during our togetherness. After all, it gives me much happiness and the greatest satisfaction of feeling that I am able to meet them, though away.

Now, I have made up with my mind to search my old friends and send them a request for I always know that they too will be like me to meet and remember those days. Just now I have neighbourly 900 friends and I still feel the missing of other good childhood friends. I am going to find them out by hook or by crook and get along with them to show the world that I have such great-true-natured friends.

Life has always been beautiful, driving with them along the journey, experiencing both funny and gloomy things together. I am going to bring those memories in life and narrate them, so that we feel the great recollection of those bygone days and years. In this way we can further be able to cement our friendship.

One thing is that, I even chat constantly with those to whom I have never speak even a single word to them. Thank you my dear and near face book for giving life to our friendship. You are our best friend, who is going to multiply new friends every day. 

This 'wound'

It has been almost a week that this little achy unbearable wound on my lower lip has kept punishing me since its arrival. What to say now, I welcomed myself, that is during one of the dinners, unintentionally I bit by lip while chewing the food. Then it started to become worse.

The pain I get is really, unbelievable and unbearable. Every time, I have to move my lip while talking and eating every time I have to face its nature.

I am hoping that one day it will be erased and healed through time. I am sure that the god will do it as possible.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Today's busy day

In the morning we don't have any class so we didn't go. During afternoon, we had class, geology practical, with much preparation in our minds we went to attain it. Unfortunately, there wasn't even a student, I mean Indian student in college that's why sir denied to teach only limited numbers or us.

Now I knew the idea, that is, we need to learn by asking doubts to him if his teaching is going to be based on the availability of limited students. That's great idea I have discovered. Congratulation to myself lol. Only through this I will feel myself learning in the absence of his normal teaching.

Without wasting much time, we return as we should. Then, we have chains of plan circulating in our minds, with little thoughts we did it. We went to Abids to meet Pema, for my parcel that I have been yearning to send to my sister at Shimla since very long time ago. But, he was busy in the bank. We went there and waited for him. The SBH bank crews were too lazy that they needed more time than what is enough. We went to SBI and within no time we did it.

Then headed to his house for parcel. We went to India Post. Unluckily, they told us that the edibles cannot be sent. I felt all our energies have been wasted but without losing hope, we did few shopping. Thought of buying table fan but we didn't get.

I feel sorry for my sister for unable to send her the parcel. I know you would not mind it all. I have been trying to send you since my reach to this place. Take care.

Happiness is when I get to wish my teacher's and friend's birthday

Today is two of my teachers' birthday and my close friend's too. Just a moment ago, I had good and happy time wishing all of them with full energy by posting birthday pictures and some interesting lines. On top of that, I have tagged number of friends, so that they too feel good to have already wished our beloved teachers through me and teachers too will feel the same.

Dale Carnegie's book, 'How to win friends and influence people,' solely teaches us that for the people to like us first we must be interested in their interest, I mean in their life. This is law of giving and receiving or Newton's Law of action and reaction.

We feel difficult to grab other's attention and direct to us, but one way is to give our attention to them. So that we can easily return theirs too.

On this special day of my beloved two teacher's birthday, I feel much blessed and hopeful to head ahead in life with much enthusiasm for they have been source of high-yielding encouragement and soul-inspiring inspiration. This also goes to my beloved friend for it's also because of you that what I am today. I will always cherish our togetherness for eternity.

My praising prayers are always with you, My Teachers.
Have most special time on your special day.
With much Love and Care.
Take Care.  

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Holiday never ends for this college

I feel I had enough holiday since Independence Day which was on Friday. On Saturday, we went to college but it was all in a vain because by the time we reached there, there wasn't anybody. Within no time we made with our minds to return home.

On Monday, we went, again like Saturday, there wasn't any students apart from those workers and few teachers who too wasn't sure about the holiday. Some told us that since on Tuesday, there will be survey on Telengana, all the students might have left for village. Tomorrow is holiday! I murmured at myself. Monday and Tuesday are two important days for us because we have major subjects in all the periods.

Today, on Wednesday, we went to attain the class with the hope that we will have normal classes, but unfortunately, same like the previous ones, the college was empty, only foreigners, nine of us were there. With little nonsense chatter about the college unending holiday we return to our respective apartments. Now it has been almost a week that we have been staying in holidays.

I have mine, and you have yours, BUT...

I feel really irritated whenever it's my time for bed because my neighbours, what to say about them, they thoughtlessly disturb my peace in sleep. Every night they do the same, either through music blasting or with a belly laugh. Everyday I feel like giving the a nice kick, mercilessly, lol. But it has been only my thoughts and I am sure that I can't do in real.

One of the top things that makes me get into dangerous anger is when somebody disturbs my sleep. I really don't like them. I would do anything for my sleep-timing. I have my own normal timing for sleep.

My chief point here is, I have my rights to sleep on my own planned time and likely, they too have rights to blast music or joke with a belly laugh but one bold point here is we both don't have any right to poke each other's nose in other's business. As long we make best use of our rights, we must compulsorily make that we don't neglect other's rights.

Respecting each other's rights is what they got to learn because it is the essence of humanity. We have no rights to harm or hurt others for the sake of our own happiness.

As said by Jimmy Dean, "I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination," I got to learn myself to adjust for them. I hope I will try and to my best.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I yearn to help them

Everyday when I go to college, on the way I see them and that brings uneasiness in me. It is better not to have seen them than to see them and remain helpless because I feel sorry for not able to help them.

A grandma and I am sure, her daughter of maybe mid-thirties. They are homeless, they have been driving their life along the roadside, since I saw them and I wonder, for how long they have been staying in this way and for how long they are going to stay.
One pity thing I find in them is, they have utensils, a stove and some other things those are alwys left covered by the opaque plastic. Sometimes, I find them taking nap, sometimes eating, sometimes cooking and sometimes buying the vegetables from those who sells by wandering.

I would love to hear their stories and to know how their faith have brought them in this condition but being a foreigner in their land, it's not an easy job. What I think won't fit in their thoughts.

There are many thoughts going in my mind; Don't they have other family members? How about that lady, isn't she married? If not why? If yes why? How do they manage to stay like this, especially during rain and wind? Don't they do anything to earn? They aren't beggers like others, but still manage their needs? I would be free if I know all these. Besides, a free bird if I am able to help them. There are also many like them, staying along the roadside.

Dear God, I have one request to you. Please do help them. I really feel pity on them and I can't stay like this, staring at them and letting the time pass, helplessly. Some times when I cannot hold my feelings any longer, I have to shed tears, it's unbearable. I already knew you will help them.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Life's like that

Life must have been full of challenging ways I must take because every step I take and each turning I turn, it's all the same.
Like a flower that remains only for an hour and morning dew that glimmers for the sun.
It's uncertainty is killing me but I will always yearn to yield, no matter what it takes to take for my goals, dreams, aspirations, and a flying hope those always keep me high and nigh to success, my heartily welcomed success. 

Dear God, do inform me about the obstacles those I must face and accept, so that my preparation will be fine. I promise you that I will hold strong and be determined to accept what you have made upon me. I respect you because you created me and I owe you because you have been good to me.

As long a you give me I will accept it merrily, no matter how hard it is because I will believe in myself, my own inner self that has the zeal to accept all most everything.

Be good to me, for I will listen to you, dauntlessly.