Thursday, 26 January 2017

A Turn in my Life

Been exactly a year that I didn't update my diary.

One year away from now I've been a student studying for my future and wondering about my future job and scope in my country. And now exactly after a year, I can happily say that I have started to journey yet another phase of my life. I'm in job. I have started to work as a Geologist in Druk Green Power Corporation and seriously it has been a challenging one for a fresher like me.

I'm having good and challenging time learning the real gist of being a Geologist, indeed Engineering Geologist. And glad that I have meet experienced, knowledgeable and such a nice boss from where I can many things in many ways. So curious to learn for the times to come. And I have already started to learn.

There's good reason why I withdrew from RCSC job offer in government and I feel I have made a good decision. It's almost 5:00 PM, got to go home now. See you next time when I see you.