About Me


Hi Friends,

Hope you are fine and well and good at this time.

I feel glad and great to meet you at this very moment. You know, we are living just a negligible part of Infinity Time (IT) where innumerable things in life keep going and going with uncertainty. So just to remind you to be a wise-user in time and life and make it a perfect blend. I will take you through the depths of my beloved heart and loving soul, hope you realise it and have agog time.

All about me;

Name:               Ugyen Tenzin
Date of Birth:    11 October 1993
E-mail:              uttenzin506@gmail.com,
Facebook:         ugyen.tenzin.988

Hobbies:            Reading, Writing, Learning, Travelling, Cooking, Games, Listening, Smiling and Joking
Motto:               I am Myself
Live:                  Enthusiasm
Love:                My dear beloved parents and all
Care:                One and all, especially those piteous Sufferers
Suit:                  Benevolence
Philosophy:        SSS: Simplicity, Silence and Smile

Village:              Dzordung  

County:             Kangpara
District:             Trashigang
Country:            Bhutan

I did my primary schooling at Kangpara Primary School, middle schooling at Pelorling Middle Secondary School and eleven and twelth at Chukha Higher Secondary School. Currently, I am a pursuer of B.Sc. Geology in Osmania University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Thank you so much for taking a bit of your in-estimable time to browse through my windows of everyday life. Good Luck Ahead. 

With much Love.

Take Care.